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Happy Easter Activities…

Happy Easter From Kimbee

Happy Easter From Kimbee

May we wish everyone a very Happy Easter from all of us at Kimbee.

10 Easter activities to do with your children…

  1.  Many churches are offering special services for children to keep them entertained and teach them the spiritual meaning of Easter.
  2. Paint eggs. Armed with a colouring set, box of eggs, and newspaper spread over the kitchen table, you can keep kids quiet for hours.  Tip: An egg slicer with a handy “spike” to help at the hollowing-out stage.
  3. Make a simple Easter basket – Suitable for Cadbury’s eggs (mini or Creme) or those fluffy chicks, or whatever…
  4. Throw a doll’s tea party. Serve tiny food – mini eggs will be popular – in a doll’s tea service, sandwiches cut into shapes with cookie cutters, and you’ll keep a roomful of little girls happy.
  5. Make a pop up Easter card
  6. Put on an Easter play. Assign roles, invite your oldest to oversee action sequences, and leave room for the others to improvise.
  7. Get cooking. Children love spending quality time in the kitchen. Teach them – or learn yourself – How to make hot cross buns.
  8. Go on an Easter egg hunt. All over the country, eggs will be hiding in bushes and tumbling down hills. Why not join in the fun …
  9. Head for the beach.
  10. Make you own Easter eggs – They won’t be as perfect as the shop-bought kind, nor as cheap, and both you and your kitchen will be splattered in molten brown. But it’s worth it.

For information on kids activities click on the following link:

Happy Easter!!

Joanne @Kimbee

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New Born Baby – Crying

A lot of people seem to think that babies shouldn’t cry. They think that, if babies cry there must be a reason and you, the parent, should be able to do something about it. But all babies cry, and some cry a lot.

Sometimes you’ll know the reason. Often you’ll try everything to stop it – change nappies, feed, rock, play – and yet nothing seems to work.

Kimbee are some things you can try:

  •  Let your baby suckle at your breast.
  • Hold your baby close, rocking swaying, talking, singing. Or put your baby in a sling, held close against you.
  • Rock your baby backwards and forwards in the stroller, or go out for a walk or drive. Quite a lot of babies sleep in the car. Mine all did. Never leave your baby in the car.
  • Stroke your baby – undress your baby and massage with baby massage oil, gently and firmly. Talk soothingly as you do it. Make sure the room is warm. Click on the link to find out about baby massage courses in your area. Infant Massage – Australia
  • Quietly put your baby down after a feed and leave the room for a few minutes. Sometimes all the rocking and singing succeeds only in keep your baby awake.


  • This difficult time won’t last forever. Your baby will gradually start to take more interest in the things around him or her and the miserable, frustrated crying will almost certainly stop.
  • Never shake your baby. Shaking makes a baby’s or infant’s head move violently. It causes bleeding and can damage the brain. Sometimes you will feel very tired and even desperate. You might feel that you are losing control and have an urge to shake your baby. But don’t, this is dangerous. Put your baby down safely in the cot or pram and calm yourself: don’t be angry with your baby. Call a family member, neighbour or friend to look after your baby while you get some breathing space.

If you are finding it hard to cope you may need some help or support – Free Call Pregnancy Birth & Baby Helpline 1800 882 436.

Further information on a crying baby click on this link: Health Direct – Australia

Lightweight Baby Travel Solutions – Theses are a real hit with new mums! A holiday in the sun or a weekend away with baby needn’t be a major expedition, and these pop-pop travel solutions are the perfect solution for an afternoon nap or overnight sleep while you’re away from home.

The pop-up travel solutions are incredibly lightweight and compact for easy travelling. They fold into their own small carry bag and – like it says on the label – pops up to provide a sleepy haven in seconds.

The Pop Up Travel Bassinette weighs less than 1kg and the Pop Up Travel Bubble Cot weighs 2.2kg – they are made with breathable polyester and cotton fabric panels and also include a thin mattress, removable canopy and integrated mosquito net to protect baby from nasty nibbles.

  • The Pop-Up Travel Bassinette is suitable from birth to around six months
  • The Pop Up Travel Bubble Cot is suitable from 6 months to 18 months.

Both Pop-Up travel solutions provide a clean, safe and comfortable place for baby to sleep and are so compact and easy to carry, will be top of your list of priorities not only on holidays, but for days out and visiting family and friends too.

Joanne @Kimbee

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