Happy Easter Activities…

Happy Easter From Kimbee

Happy Easter From Kimbee

May we wish everyone a very Happy Easter from all of us at Kimbee.

10 Easter activities to do with your children…

  1.  Many churches are offering special services for children to keep them entertained and teach them the spiritual meaning of Easter.
  2. Paint eggs. Armed with a colouring set, box of eggs, and newspaper spread over the kitchen table, you can keep kids quiet for hours.  Tip: An egg slicer with a handy “spike” to help at the hollowing-out stage.
  3. Make a simple Easter basket – Suitable for Cadbury’s eggs (mini or Creme) or those fluffy chicks, or whatever…
  4. Throw a doll’s tea party. Serve tiny food – mini eggs will be popular – in a doll’s tea service, sandwiches cut into shapes with cookie cutters, and you’ll keep a roomful of little girls happy.
  5. Make a pop up Easter card
  6. Put on an Easter play. Assign roles, invite your oldest to oversee action sequences, and leave room for the others to improvise.
  7. Get cooking. Children love spending quality time in the kitchen. Teach them – or learn yourself – How to make hot cross buns.
  8. Go on an Easter egg hunt. All over the country, eggs will be hiding in bushes and tumbling down hills. Why not join in the fun …
  9. Head for the beach.
  10. Make you own Easter eggs – They won’t be as perfect as the shop-bought kind, nor as cheap, and both you and your kitchen will be splattered in molten brown. But it’s worth it.

For information on kids activities click on the following link: www.dltk-kids.com

Happy Easter!!

Joanne @Kimbee

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