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Kimbee – New Sensory Toys

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Great News!

We have added new toys to our sensory line and our bath time line – See Slideshow

OLLIE Octopus, FRANKIE Frog, and HUNTER Hedgehog all come in their own little 100% cotton reusable toy bags.

CARLY Caterpillar comes boxed in recycled and biodegradable packaging!!

Key features:
•Hand made with 100% organic natural rubber from the sap of Hevea tree
•PVC, BPA, Nitrosamines, Phthalates FREE
•Hand painted with non-toxic food grade dyes
•Light weight making it easy for children to interact with

Our sensory toys are bright and colourful and soft to touch. Light weight making her easy to grasp and handle for exploring hands, all this makes them ideal tactile toy or comfort toy. They hits all sensory development for your child, stimulating all 5 senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste. And as they are hand made from natural rubber and hand painted with non-toxic food grade dyes you can be safe in the knowledge your child is completely safe to chew them and interact with them as they please!

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Why Choose Organic?

Hands on a globeThe debate of organic or not, may never end but it is becoming more prominent. Since there are more and more companies that have agreed to reduce their gas admissions and pollution creation, or they were legally obligated to do so. Either way more companies are creating more economically friendly options.

You can use safer chemicals in your home, you can use more easily biodegradable products that you know you will not need or use forever, or you can simply choose to use products that are from renewable or natural resources. The natural resources means less chemicals are used in the process of creating the products and less chance of toxins being involved. Yes, it is great when products can go back into the earth without causing damage to our children or grandchildren’s future playground.

It is an even better thing to know that our children will not have to live in plastic domes as the ozone layer disintegrates to nothing because we as a species are finally taking control of what we are putting into the air as well as the earth. If saving the ozone layer is not what you are into, then protecting your family from toxins should be your reason for choosing organic.

Surprisingly there are many products that are used every day that contain at least one type of toxin. These items vary from cups and water hoses to pacifiers and plastic infant toys. These are items that may be used every single day in your house and you probably did not even realise you should have been looking for safety or warning labels when buying them.

A warning label for things such as baby bottle teats or ensuring their bottles are BPA free is a very scary thing. By choosing the organic option you do not have to worry about whether the toxins are going to poison your babies kidney or if you might be triggering cancer cells for them later in life.

Play it safe – buy organic

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Natural Rubber the Benefits…

As a parent you instinctively worry about what kind of toys your child can get their hands on and in or near their mouths. You worry about choking hazards, and toxins, harmful dyes, and small parts. Checking for these things before you provide/buy a toy for your little one; can truly be the concern of every parent whilst their children are very young.

When you choose to purchase toys that are made of organic natural rubber you can alleviate some of those stresses. The toys made by Lanco for example are all handmade. You can have peace of mind when your child chews on their natural rubber sensory toys and also on any of the Lanco toys, since the toys are made with 100% natural rubber and painted with permanent certified vegetable dyes.

The rubber tree, Hevea usually located in Asia can be harvested for its milk/sap which is liquid latex and is the original rubber, and is the safest form of rubber.

Choosing natural rubber toys means your children get eco-friendly and safe stimulation; natural rubber is naturally a soft material, the resource is renewable, and the toys are completely toxin (PVC, BPA, Phthalate/Nitrosamine) FREE.

After your child has enjoyed their toy and probably their siblings have done so too, you do not have to worry about the carbon footprint each individual toy will leave on the planet because the toys are biodegradable. Harvesting natural rubber does not harm the environment unlike synthetic rubber wannabes.

Plain and simple there are fewer risks, when you go with the naturally done toys.

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