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Just Because…

It is amazing how many people can walk into a store and purchase their child, niece, nephew, or even grandchild a toy without ever knowing what it is. There might be no stickers representing the organic state of things and you will still not even hesitate on the purchase, especially if the price is reasonable.

There needs to be some light shed on the fact that many products that are used to make plastic feel rubbery or make that dinosaurs arms move are not always safe for children to play with. There are reasons why there are age restrictions on toys, and these can get disregarded as well.

Even though turning four is close to turning five they are very different stages in life. At the age of four a child is still in the ‘absorb as much information as possible by any means possible’ stage of life. Which means – they believe leaving a toy at the bottom of the stairs and diving from the fourth step to ‘rescue’ it is a good idea. Whereas a five year old might have the ideas cross his mind, but in general he will consider; there are lot more risks involved.cropped-levi-duck-baby-gifts-62.jpg

Going from four to five is almost like a phase change (a very infantile mind frame to a young learner mind frame). And these mini phases are all along the age line spectrum. Just because you may think that a child is very mature for their age chances are the toy labelled three years ahead of them probably is not a good idea. Curiosity is a great thing but it can be a very dangerous thing. The first step in keeping the children in your care safe by following certain aged guidelines.

If you are not a fan of guidelines you can always choose organic. Kimbee toys are birth up or 3 years plus, there are not sharp or dangerous parts to Kimbee toys.

What kind of toys do your children like?


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