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Sensory Development

A child is born with five senses (hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste) and right from birth; he/she can explore each of them. As babies learn and make discoveries through their senses, new neuron pathways develop in their brain. The more they learn, the more they strengthen pathways they already have. Sensory development for a child is an important part of brain development.

Our toys are brightly coloured and soft to touch. This makes them ideal toys for your baby’s or child’s sensory development, and as they are natural rubber toys and hand painted with organic food grade dyes you can be safe in the knowledge your child is completely safe to chew them as a toy or teether  and interact with them as they please! PVC, BPA, Phthalate/Nitrosamine Free.


Yellow Baby Duck

Yellow Baby Duck


Sense of Hearing in a Baby Right from the time of birth, a baby has good understanding and recognition of sound. The sense of hearing in an infant develops much before the birth of the baby. When in the womb, the baby hears their mother’s heartbeat and her voice; sudden loud noises like a car blaring or a drum banging. All natural toy squeakers will keep baby amused and stimulate his hearing with gentle sound whichever part of the toy is squeezed which later helps the baby to understand the link between cause and effect.

Sight & Vision Children explore their world by always looking around and catching sight of new objects. Babies are curious about everything around them, right from birth. They love to look at bright colours and these all natural rubber toys will attract your baby with their bright colours and friendly faces, again and again.

Sense of Taste Exploration through the mouth is also a form of taste sensory development. Babies explore most things by putting them inside their mouths. The lips and tongue are sensitive areas for examining objects and provide the baby with a very accurate image of size and shape, weight, taste, smell and temperature. Mouthing gradually decreases as babies use their hands more; this leads to the discovery of new kinds of information. The all natural rubber toys are made of 100% natural rubber and hand painted with safe food grade dyes, they are completely safe to mouth and chew, just like a feeding bottle teat. The soft texture and numerous chewable parts make them perfect for soothing baby’s sore gums during teething.

Sense of Touch Infants love to touch. They chew on their fingers. They try to grab their clothes and their favourite toys. All natural rubber toys can be introduced to baby from birth as they are lightweight, easy manageable for tiny hands, and will keep baby engaged and happy with their gentle squeak. And then later, with growing use of the hands the all natural rubber toys will help your baby to enhance all areas of sensory development as they encourage exploration, develop hand-eye coordination and perception.

Sense of Smell Smell is the most advanced of the five senses, present in babies at the time of birth. Unlike eyesight, hearing or touch that requires time, the sense of smell is developed, right at the time when infants are in the womb. It is first of all through smell that a child recognizes their mother. He/ she also quickly recognizes the smell of the food or fruit they love to eat, which toys they liketo play with. There is also evidence to suggest that pleasant smells can actually boost the immune system, relieve stress and induce sleep. The singular scent of natural rubber from the Hevea tree makes all natural rubber toys very special and easy for your child to identify from all of their other toys.

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All Natural

Rubber Duck - Denzel Duck

Rubber Duck – Denzel Duck

Toys should be fun, durable, and environmentally friendly. When you buy a toy the last thing any parent wants to think, ‘Could this toy harm my child?’ There needs to be some limit in regards to where a company’s profit stops taking priority and let environmental ethics take the lead. When does the safety of children and our future planet mean that companies will have stricter regulations on what materials they use in toys?

Well the time is coming back around.

Once upon a time there were many products made with natural rubber, toys included. Those toys were durable, organic and safe. Although a few decades ago consumers were not much interested in how biodegradable those toys were. And yet they were and are more eco friendly than what some manufacturers are using now to produce synthetic rubber toys.

Natural rubber is incredibly biodegradable since it comes from the Hevea tree. The certified vegetable dyes that are used to paint the toys and are non toxic. Surprisingly, non toxic is not an adjective some toy manufacturers can use. Many materials used to make plastic soft contain toxic chemicals.

That’s right, the toys that your toddlers will play with and put in their mouth can be toxic. Not only by putting them in their mouths but simply by touching them. The toxins can be absorbed through the skin.  Although many toy manufacturers are putting on a good face by claiming their products are PVC free they are not clearing all of the secondary toxins that can be used as a substitute for PVC. PVC just happens to be the most well-known toxin in many products.

There are a few companies around the globe that are using natural resources, organic rubber and vegetable dyes to make their toys, and are loyal to those materials only. Some companies do have children and their safety in mind.

Have you ever wondered what materials are used to make your child’s toys?

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