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Keeping it Natural for the Environment

Although there may be many reasons why people make the decisions they do, most are not because of the environment.  Maybe if people realised how easy it is to positively affect the environment it would be more important to them and an easier choice.

Those who are not afraid to look like tree hugging hippies or who are truly concerned with what the planet will look like when their children have children will already know the amazing benefits of keeping products organic and natural.  For everyone else it is time to pay attention.

There are too many products around that contain harmful toxins. Products you may use every day (bottles, plastic containers, toys, footwear, perfume, cosmetics, inflatable products and so many more…), you may not even realise there are toxins in them.  You may be thinking, ‘If I have used this product for so long without any issues, what difference does it make now?’ Well it makes a huge difference. Since the toxins such as PVC (phthalates) and BPA are being found in more and more everyday products the toxins are being absorbed at a more rapid pace.

Hands on a globe

The perfect example of how quickly these toxins are spreading (they are literally everywhere). Animals in the Antarctic have somehow been contaminated by these toxins. Jelly fish, 3000 feet under the ocean have also tested positively for contamination.

The purchasing decisions you make are beginning to be felt around the world. Your children and the environment need natural products to be used. Children can be harmed by these toxins now and later in life and the environment is paying dramatically for these toxins. Every time a battery operated toy is thrown to landfill the environment suffers. Those toys are not biodegradable by any reasonable standard and the toxins that are in the plastic and battery packs must go somewhere, so they go into the earth.

Natural products are meant to go back to nature. Natural products do not harm your child or their playground. Natural products will not harm our planet.

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When it Matters Most

Every stage of life when raising a child seems to carry its own importance. From of course their first breath all the way through to adulthood has its own unique treasure in cased in that time. When a child is first born parents, especially new parents, are enthralled in everything their child is doing. Every new sound and smile is recorded somewhere.

As time goes on the insecurities regarding their safety ease up a little. After watching your child fall over and over again whilst learning to walk and then observing them somehow make it across their custom built beam without injury, somehow reminds parents that children are not made out of glass.

Exploring Toddler

Exploring Toddler

However, when that stress seems to have eased a bit, it is when a child has become the most active on their own. Usually around the age of two or three years, they are constantly handling toys and taste, taste tasting everything they come into contact with, yet this is when we as parents have let down our guard.

Again this is when making sure that the toys purchased for our children are really what they say they are and really is made of what it says it is. There are so many materials slipping through production in mass amounts that contain toxins. These toxins come in contact with your three year old through his skin or her mouth and can cause potential harmful effects later in life.

Why risk triggering cancer cells in your little one just because you didn’t think to look for a sticker that said PVC Free. If the thought of harming your child is a very scary one, then sticking with natural toys, or completely non-toxic (100% Organic)  or organically (Natural Rubber) made toys are great options for your child’s play today, and future play.

Joanne @Kimbee

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