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Ways To Keep Your Baby Warm And Snuggled Up This Winter

Snuggled Baby

With the weather turning, newbie parents begin to get worried on how to keep  their newborns warm in such harsh weather conditions. You want them to be  comfortable and able to wriggle about, but not cold enough to get a chill, which  can lead to hideous colds. Here are a few ways you can keep your newborn warm  and comfortable.

Buy Winter Clothing Invest beforehand in winter clothing for your  baby. You will need warm shoe socks, fleecy hats, warm snow suits, coats and  thermals. Since heat loss is mostly from the head and feet, it’s vital that you  get warm clothing that targets these areas. Layering is also a good idea as it’s  far more effective than having one warm layer, so invest in thermals to go  underneath, a warm all in one suit and then a coat.

In colder climates, they use wool for every item of clothing, including  underwear, as it has such great insulation properties. So it may be about time  you learnt to knit, or ask Granny to make some clothes for him or her.

Keep Him Or Her Warm In the Car Although cars do eventually heat  up, it may take a few minutes or so, which may seem like nothing to you but for  your baby this can be pretty uncomfortable. So plan ahead and heat up the car  before you put baby in, and when using a car seat remember to wrap your baby up  in a blanket, but not too tightly as your baby may want to wriggle and move  around freely.

Avoid the Elements With younger babies, you should not take them  outside for long periods of time, even when wrapped up. But when you do make  sure they are protected from the elements in their pushchair. Use a blanket to  snuggle them into and shade them from wind, sleet, rain and snow by using a  clear protective cover, which attaches to the pushchair. Check upon baby  regularly to make sure he or she is okay.

Check Baby’s Temperature Usually babies begin to cry and scream  when uncomfortable, alerting you to the fact they are hungry, cold or too hot,  but since babies can only tell us that something is wrong, we need to figure out  exactly what the problem is. In winter try to regularly check a baby’s  temperature by not feeling their hands, but the back of their neck, which should  be an indicator of how hot or cold your baby is

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