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Visual Memory Tray Game

Visual Memory Tray Game

Visual Memory Tray Game

This game is excellent for children using any of their toys from the toy box.

We have found combining the visual memory tray game with Kimbee sensory development toys, children can really benefit from using the Natural Rubber  toys as they hit all the 5 senses: Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and Smell, giving a child’s brain full stimulation.

Memory is used in everyday life.  This game develops basic memory skills which include the ability to recall information.

Put 3 or four sensory toys on a tray, look at each toy with your child and talk about each character, the colour, whether its a bird or sea creature, reptile, bug etc… (some fact finding information). Ask your child to look away and remove a toy. See if your child knows which toy has been removed. Take it in turns removing a toy, once your child has mastered this try removing 2 or 3 toys, or try moving the toys around on the tray to keep it fun.

A simple safe fun game to play with your child or children but with so many possibilities…

What games do you children like play?


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