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Spring is here!

Great Outdoors Fishing

What have you planned for the school holidays?

With the temperatures rising a little, spring is a perfect time to spend time outside with your children, whether that’s in your garden, at the local park or at the beach. Children need plenty outdoor time to run, skip and jump, to speak in loud voices without the constant “Please, can you speak with an indoor voice” and to burn off excess energy (especially if they are on school hols), all this helps in their development, and keeps them exercised and healthy.

Take the time to join your children in their play, whatever their age, even if it’s just for 30 minutes or so, let your inner child out, breathe in the fresh air, be open to the activities they are playing and follow their lead, it will do you the world of good.  They will be so pleased to have mum come and play and to share their interests, and to see you in the now, happy and stress free.

If you are organising play for younger children, maybe set up the activities and then take a step back, be involved but you don’t need to be the leader, let your children lead the way, building on their social and problem solving skills.

Here are some easy classic activity ideas:

  • Hide n Seek
  • Hand Ball
  • Soccer
  • Throw the toy into a laundry basket
  • Toy balancing
  • Beach Games
  • Fishing

A little competitiveness is okay to spur the children on but not at the detriment of younger children feeling like there is no point trying if they can never win or catch the ball. With all games the purpose should be to have fun.

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Fun Colouring for you...

Fun Colouring for you…

Have fun outdoors, whatever you decide to do…


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Image by Benjamin Earwicker


What kind of Dad do you have?

There are many kinds of Dad’s/Father’s, pick a few from the list below – See what kind of Dad you’ve got, just for laughs.

A Moment Together

A Moment Together

  • Sporty DAD
  • TV Watching DAD
  • Funny DAD
  • Step DAD
  • Deaf Ear DAD
  • Money DAD
  • Boring DAD
  • Pub DAD
  • Joker DAD
  • Newspaper DAD
  • Coach DAD
  • Fixer DAD

It doesn’t matter what kind of Dad you have because I believe that every single Dad has a special place in his heart where his children are and within this special place there is a special space just for you! It’s a place that is filled with unconditional love for his children, no matter what is happening in the outside world.

It’s shielded and protected so much, that that some Dad’s don’t show their love openly, but know that it is there.

When a child is born and seen and held for the first time by their Dad, he is in awe of his new born, and he will have tears for this special moment of life and the emotional love he feels for his child, this can be overwhelming, some men are surprised by this love at first sight reaction they have for their child, and they will feel amazing, but also vulnerable, from now on they will have another love pulling at their heart strings.

Yes, there are all kinds of Dad’s – some are better than others at being there or being able to express their feelings of love to their family, but take a moment to think about how much love your father has invested into you over the years ,one way or another in his own way, and sit for a moment and remember the special times, the tickles, the laughs and the chasing games and feel the love you have for this special man.

Do something awesome for Dad this Father’s Day, something that suits your kind of Dad.


With Love Joanne@Kimbee

Image by Liensal

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