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Halloween – Trick & Treating Safety

Trick & Treating Fun!

Trick & Treating Fun!

What do you do in your local area for Halloween? As a community we should look for ways to ensure Halloween is a fun time for our children and also a safe time.

In the community where I live a group of parents will deliver a little note to all the houses saying, ‘If you are participating in the Halloween celebrations and Trick & Treating then, please leave your front porch lights on, if not, please turn all front house/property lights off and no one will bother you.’ This one little Halloween preparation ensures people’s wishes are respected and they don’t get lots of trick & treaters if they do not wish too. Maybe you could do something similar in your community.

There may be many reasons why some people may not want to participate, ill health, single elderly lady many not want lots of kids coming to her door, religion and so on.

Will you be going out with your children this Halloween? If you have young children then it is advisable to accompany them on their trick & treating route, if you group together with some other parents then you all will have fun along the way. If you have older teenage children, then a plan of their route and times they intend to return home would put your mind at ease.

Listed below are some Halloween safety tips

Young Children

  • Plan for the Halloween trick & treating evening – Children should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Comfortable costume – Children and parents love dressing up at Halloween, but if you are going to make an evening of it ensure you have a comfortable costume.
  • Road safety – Halloween is exciting for children and many of them will be wearing dark clothing, so a reminder about road safety is must. You could carry a torch to see along the way, but more importantly be seen by motorists.
  • Manners – A gentle reminder to your children before you go about their manners, if a person has been kind enough to give them a treat, then being grateful and a thank you is called for, be respectful of peoples property and recognise not everyone may want to join the Halloween folly.
  • Check sweets and treats your children bring home – Homemade food, if your child has allergies you will need to check it okay for them and if you are unsure, do not give to your child. Many people make up Halloween packages; ensure there is nothing a young child could choke on before letting them have the packages.


  • Plan for the Halloween trick & treating evening – Parents should know whose going with their children treat & treating, their route and the time the will return home. Are they going to a Halloween party and if so, speak with the party host parent to find out the party detail’s
  • Street safety – Stay in groups, stay on lit streets and take a torch to see along the way, but more importantly be seen by motorists.
  • Stranger danger – Just a gentle reminder that they should never go with anyone and not to go into others houses if they do know them but also not to go into a house unless it’s been pre-organised.
  • Mobile phone – If your child has a mobile phone or you have a spare phone let them take it with them, so they are contactable all of the time and also they can call you should they need too.

Have fun this Halloween, take your camera with you and get some fun pics! So you can do some Halloween scrap-booking activities another day.

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