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Toy Throw Games

Basket Toy Throw

Basket Toy Throw

These games help to develop hand-eye co-ordination.

We have found combining throwing games with Kimbee sensory development toys, children can really benefit from using the Natural Rubber  toys as they hit all the 5 senses: Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and Smell, giving a child’s brain full stimulation.

Laundry basket (or box) throw game; gather the sensory toys together, put a laundry basket a short distance away and take turns throwing the toys into the basket, once your child gets good at this game, you can move the basket further away to increase the challenge of getting the toys into the basket.

Show your child how to throw their natural rubber toy gently into the air and then catch it again. Younger children can do a very gentle throw; older children can throw just above head level.

Increase the challenge by introducing a hand-clap between throwing and catching. (i.e. throw, clap, catch), or a one-handed catch for older children. 

Sit or stand opposite each other and throw at toy to each other, if you have young children or a child struggling with catching, show them to hold their arms out, and stand quite close to them, giving them a greater chance of catching the toy.

Alternately, just practice throwing because many children struggle with letting the toy go or with throwing the toy in the intended direction they wanted to go in.

If you don’t have natural rubber sensory toys, then soft plush toys work well. 

Simple safe fun games to play with your child or children but with so many possibilities…

What games do your children like to play?

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Fun Colouring for you...

Fun Colouring for you…

Joanne – Kimbee

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Spring is here!

Great Outdoors Fishing

What have you planned for the school holidays?

With the temperatures rising a little, spring is a perfect time to spend time outside with your children, whether that’s in your garden, at the local park or at the beach. Children need plenty outdoor time to run, skip and jump, to speak in loud voices without the constant “Please, can you speak with an indoor voice” and to burn off excess energy (especially if they are on school hols), all this helps in their development, and keeps them exercised and healthy.

Take the time to join your children in their play, whatever their age, even if it’s just for 30 minutes or so, let your inner child out, breathe in the fresh air, be open to the activities they are playing and follow their lead, it will do you the world of good.  They will be so pleased to have mum come and play and to share their interests, and to see you in the now, happy and stress free.

If you are organising play for younger children, maybe set up the activities and then take a step back, be involved but you don’t need to be the leader, let your children lead the way, building on their social and problem solving skills.

Here are some easy classic activity ideas:

  • Hide n Seek
  • Hand Ball
  • Soccer
  • Throw the toy into a laundry basket
  • Toy balancing
  • Beach Games
  • Fishing

A little competitiveness is okay to spur the children on but not at the detriment of younger children feeling like there is no point trying if they can never win or catch the ball. With all games the purpose should be to have fun.

Hey, would you like access to our colouring pages of our cute little toy characters? Sign up to our Kimbee VIP Club today, and receive much more!  Keep your little ones busy.

Fun Colouring for you...

Fun Colouring for you…

Have fun outdoors, whatever you decide to do…


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Image by Benjamin Earwicker

When it Matters Most

Every stage of life when raising a child seems to carry its own importance. From of course their first breath all the way through to adulthood has its own unique treasure in cased in that time. When a child is first born parents, especially new parents, are enthralled in everything their child is doing. Every new sound and smile is recorded somewhere.

As time goes on the insecurities regarding their safety ease up a little. After watching your child fall over and over again whilst learning to walk and then observing them somehow make it across their custom built beam without injury, somehow reminds parents that children are not made out of glass.

Exploring Toddler www.kimbee.com.au

Exploring Toddler http://www.kimbee.com.au

However, when that stress seems to have eased a bit, it is when a child has become the most active on their own. Usually around the age of two or three years, they are constantly handling toys and taste, taste tasting everything they come into contact with, yet this is when we as parents have let down our guard.

Again this is when making sure that the toys purchased for our children are really what they say they are and really is made of what it says it is. There are so many materials slipping through production in mass amounts that contain toxins. These toxins come in contact with your three year old through his skin or her mouth and can cause potential harmful effects later in life.

Why risk triggering cancer cells in your little one just because you didn’t think to look for a sticker that said PVC Free. If the thought of harming your child is a very scary one, then sticking with natural toys, or completely non-toxic (100% Organic)  or organically (Natural Rubber) made toys are great options for your child’s play today, and future play.

Joanne @Kimbee

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