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Toy Throw Game

Basket Throw Toy Game

Basket Throw Toy Game

This simple fun game assists in developing hand-eye co-ordination. Show your child how to throw their natural rubber toy gently into the air and then catch it. Younger children can do a very gentle throw; older children can throw just above head level.
Increase the challenge by introducing a hand clap between throwing and catching. (ie throw, clap, and catch), or a one handed catch for older children.
Remember this is a game, so it doesn’t matter if your child continuously drops their toy, praise them when they throw their toy, and whether they catch or drop the toy, practise will improve their skills, but having fun is so much more important.

Alternatively, gather the sensory toys together, put a laundry basket a short distance away and take turns throwing the toys into the basket, once your child gets good at this game, you can move the basket further away to increase the challenge of getting the toys into the basket.

A simple safe fun game to play with your child or children but with so many possibilities…

What games do your children like playing?


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