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Spring is here!

Great Outdoors Fishing

What have you planned for the school holidays?

With the temperatures rising a little, spring is a perfect time to spend time outside with your children, whether that’s in your garden, at the local park or at the beach. Children need plenty outdoor time to run, skip and jump, to speak in loud voices without the constant “Please, can you speak with an indoor voice” and to burn off excess energy (especially if they are on school hols), all this helps in their development, and keeps them exercised and healthy.

Take the time to join your children in their play, whatever their age, even if it’s just for 30 minutes or so, let your inner child out, breathe in the fresh air, be open to the activities they are playing and follow their lead, it will do you the world of good.  They will be so pleased to have mum come and play and to share their interests, and to see you in the now, happy and stress free.

If you are organising play for younger children, maybe set up the activities and then take a step back, be involved but you don’t need to be the leader, let your children lead the way, building on their social and problem solving skills.

Here are some easy classic activity ideas:

  • Hide n Seek
  • Hand Ball
  • Soccer
  • Throw the toy into a laundry basket
  • Toy balancing
  • Beach Games
  • Fishing

A little competitiveness is okay to spur the children on but not at the detriment of younger children feeling like there is no point trying if they can never win or catch the ball. With all games the purpose should be to have fun.

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Fun Colouring for you...

Fun Colouring for you…

Have fun outdoors, whatever you decide to do…


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6 Simple And Easy Ways You Can Help a Baby Sleep

Is your newborn giving you fits every time you put her down to sleep? Do you  feel like you could star in the next blockbuster zombie movie if it keeps up for  even a single night longer?

Kimbee www.kimbee.com.auDon’t feel too bad, most new parents go through it. Fortunately, there are a  few simple and easy things you can do to help As long as your little one’s sleep  issues have no medical roots, there are plenty of ideas out there to help. There  are even some great and rather unusual ideas, too.

But first things first though.

If you are having trouble getting her to catch a full 20 winks, make sure  nothing is wrong. If her bedroom isn’t too hot or too cold, her clothing isn’t  too tight or too loose, there is nothing physically wrong, and she is properly  fed, move on to other options.

Some of the more off the wall ideas to try that actually have some results  include:

  • Massage. This is becoming a more common way to get even the tiniest of  newborns down for the night. A simple, gentle massage or even patting can go a  long way toward helping you to get baby to sleep. Don’t think deep tissue  massage for a newborn, just a simple rub down in a soothing environment often  helps greatly.
  • White noise. This is an oldie, but a goodie. Basic background noises that  don’t demand attention can really help you help baby sleep. Thinks like ceiling  fans, special tapes and even dolls that play white noise can all help a great  deal.
  • The washing machine. It is not at all unheard of for parents of newborns to  place their little ones in their car seats on top of running washing machines.  The gentle movement (as long as the washer is balanced) coupled with the noise  tends to sooth some little ones greatly.
  • Warm sheets. Babies do not like to be cold. After all, they have spent  roughly nine months is a pretty hot environment. To ensure you don’t set her  down on a too cold surface, consider turning up the temperature in her room a  little more or even getting flannel crib sheets.
  • Swaddling. This is an old wife’s trick that works wonders. New parents are  sometimes set aback by this one though. Swaddling involves nothing more than  special clothing or blanket wrapping that keeps her arms and legs held in tight  – just like they were in the womb in her last days inside. This is a great way  to not only help baby sleep, but to calm her when she’s upset.
  • Music. Think beyond regular lullabies. Some babies actually prefer slightly  louder music. This tends to be especially the case if mom and dad listened to  loud music a lot while she was in the womb. Rock and roll beats won’t destroy  baby’s mind. Just make sure the volume isn’t turned up so loud to hurt her  ears.

Learning how to help baby sleep sometimes requires thinking outside of the  box. Be creative with your ideas. As long as they won’t hurt her and they don’t  jeopardize her safety while she’s sleeping, they are worth trying. If it works,  you’ll thank yourself for being creative. But what works for one baby might not  necessarily for another. The trick is to find what works for your little one and  stick with it.

For 21 more creative, out-of-the-box ideas, send for your copy of the free 21  Surprisingly Smarter Baby Sleep Tip click on this link Baby Development News

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Ever Changing Weather! – Out and about with your Baby

Light weight and ready for action 

Have you ever been out and it’s started pouring with rain and your little one is getting soaked in their buggy? Or have you, as I have, tried to hold an umbrella over the buggy and both you and your baby are getting wet? I just can’t remember how many times I have been caught out like this!

I have discovered a universal raincover, which is just perfect because it packs into an integrated little pouch and can be stored into the bottom of my buggy basket at all times in case of unexpected showers.

I like this raincover’s little extras. It has a roll up window, so if it stops raining you don’t have to stop and take the cover off, just roll up the window; and roll it down, if it starts to rain again. Another extra is the handy little pocket on the hood for keeping your wallet extra dry and to hand.



Recently described as simple, useful and stylish by website Mummy Reviews, the Pack it! Universal Raincover was awarded 9 out of 10 with the comment: “This raincover is great at keeping rain out and since it covers my entire stroller, even the canopy stays dry!”Ideal for storing in the basket of a stroller at all times so you are never caught out with the ever changing weather!

  • Easy to fit and adjust
  • Roll up window
  • Handy pocket on hood
  • Packs quickly and neatly into the integrated pocket
  • Machine washable at 40°C


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